All on Four Dental Implants

Give us a day, we’ll give you a smile for life. We are offering an exciting new procedure called All on Four™ . The research is in and this technological breakthrough provides a sound alternative to the expensive dental implant and bone grafting procedures of the past. All on Four™ gives you a full set of teeth permanently attached to four or more implants. It offers affordable, high quality results for those who want teeth that are fixed in place and nonremovable. The new technique is completed in one day by Dr. Jirik at his office in Cabot. We use our on-site 3D CT Scanning technology to plan your treatment, allowing us to replace your teeth or stabilize your existing denture. You will walk out of our office with a new smile.

All of 4 dental implantsGive us a day, we’ll give you a smile for life. All on Four ™ works best for two groups of people. First, it is ideal for those with hopeless teeth that need their teeth removed but have a fear of the dentist or a fear of wearing dentures. Secondly, it is perfect for those who have given in to wearing a denture and find it intolerable. The beauty of this concept is that it works on virtually anyone in these two categories. There is no concern about periodontal disease, unhealthy teeth or bone loss. Those who struggle with a denture will never have to take their teeth out again. Come see us for an initial consultation, then it is time to begin the All on Four™ treatment. We take care of you from start to finish at Dr. Jirik’s office in Cabot in one day. Allow a morning or an afternoon, we will sedate you and complete your procedure. You will wake up and leave our office with new, beautiful, attached teeth, whether you have no teeth to begin with or unhealthy teeth that need to be removed. The second visit will complete your treatment with delivery of final, stronger, permanent teeth. Your smile will be created with attention to detail that suits your face and personality and will give you decades of beauty and the ability to eat and speak normally. So, give us a day, we’ll give you a smile for life.

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