5 things you should know about cosmetic crowns

You may feel self-conscious like hiding your smile if you have stained, worn, chipped, broken or even missing teeth. But the technology of today’s cosmetic dentistry can give you the confident smile you deserve in a way that fits your budget and lifestyle. Veneers, bonding, crowns, implants and teeth whitening can all be used together in your treatment plan to improve the appearance of your smile. Here are xx things you should know about cosmetic crowns, which are a great solution for many patients.

Crowns are designed to restore a multitude of teeth problems. They keep a weak or cracked tooth from breaking further. They can cover misshapen or discolored teeth to a normal shape, size and color. They can even hide the results of teeth grinding and prevent the spread of tooth decay. They also provide extra protection for a tooth that has a large filling with not much tooth left. It also strengthens the tooth after a root canal surgery.

A dental crown is also called a cap. Unlike veneers that cover only the front of teeth, crowns fit over them completely, like a tooth-shaped cap. They can be made from stainless steel, metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin or ceramic.

The crown process is done in two stages. First, Dr. Jirik prepares the tooth that will be receiving the crown by cleaning it and reshaping it will a small drill. This ensures a strong foundation of remaining tooth structure that can support the crown.

You can have temporary dental crowns put on in between visits. Some patients choose these so their reshaped tooth will not be visible while the permanent crown is being made in a dental laboratory. This takes about two to three weeks.

The tooth’s surface will be etched during the second visit. By making the surface rougher, the dental cement will bond with the crown more securely. Dr. Jirik will check the fit and color of your permanent crow before placing it permanently into place.

Crowns can provide a great solution to many patients’ dental needs. To schedule a consultation for a cosmetic dental treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs, call us today at (501) 843-9561.

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