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Benefits of IV Conscious Sedation for Nervous Dental Patients

Feeling slightly fearful or anxious at the dentist’s office is completely normal, especially if you think the treatment may be uncomfortable. For some people, however, the thought of dental work at all can put them in a panic.

If you or a loved one has severe anxiety at the dentist’s office, conscious sedation is an excellent tool for getting you the work you need without the fear.

The Simplicity of Conscious Sedation

Unlike general anesthesia, you do not lose control of your body while under conscious sedation. You will be coherent enough to follow simple commands. However, you will likely remember little to nothing of what happens.

You will probably believe you were asleep the entire time, with no recollection of pain, scary sounds, smells or other negative experiences. There is no panic associated with conscious sedation. You are entirely unaware of the effect during treatment.

The Process

Conscious sedation may be administered through an intravenous line inserted into a vein in your hand. Once the sedation is injected, it takes effect in under a minute.

If you or your loved one is extremely fearful, the dentist may even agree to sedate you as soon as you arrive and discuss your treatment on the phone before and after your visit so there won’t be time for panic to take hold.

Recovering from Conscious Sedation

Once the sedation is no longer being administered, you will come out of it and probably feel as if you’ve just awoken from a nice nap. A friend or family member can take you home immediately. You may feel a little woozy, but you’ll have no problems walking out to the car.

Once home, you should have some water and perhaps a snack if your dental work permits food right away. Within a few hours, your mental state and physical abilities will be perfectly normal.

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Dental care is necessary for overall health, and living without care is not an option. If you or a loved one suffers from fear or panic at the dentist’s office, conscious sedation may be right for you. Contact the office of Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS today to discuss your options and schedule a consultation.

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