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Benefits of Mini Implants

The loss of teeth has been an age-old problem as far as dentistry is concerned. Not every tooth can be saved, but the patient requires teeth to ensure proper chewing, distribution of bite forces and aesthetic form. This is why restorations like bridges and dentures came into existence. They provide a limited amount of form and function, though these restorations are nowhere near the same as teeth. There are even certain instances where they cannot be used to replace teeth.

Implants are the closest artificial replacement for natural teeth. They anchor into the mouth and provide a permanent restoration that tends to work for the remainder of a patient’s life. Mini implants represent a way to temporarily fill in the empty spaces during the implant treatment. If you are missing a tooth, then it is beneficial to know how mini implants work.

Mini Implants: What They Are and How They Differ from Traditional Implants

Mini implants utilize a different sizing scheme than traditional implants use, which affords it unique benefits while still carrying many of the advantages of regular implants. When used in the right situations, mini implants are still just as permanent-feeling and successful as traditional implants. They are generally taken out after the healing process for the permanent implant is complete.


The unique nature of mini implants allows them to convey several benefits that traditional implants cannot while still having the core benefits of dental implants. For patients with some bone loss, traditional implants may not be an option due to narrowing of the jaw bone. Mini implants, due to the smaller size of the anchor, do not require as much width on the bone ridge. This minimizes the risk of failure, and enables a wider amount of patients to receive implants. Another benefit of mini implants is the reduced time for healing.

Are Mini Implants Appropriate for Your Mouth?

While mini implants carry a number of marked advantages, they are not ideal for every situation. They excel when they are used in the correct situation. The best way to determine if they will perform sufficiently for your needs is to consult our experienced oral expert at the dental practice of Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS. We can schedule an appointment to assess the state of your mouth, and we can use our extensive experience to help determine the most successful way to restore the form and function of lost teeth to your mouth. Our office is located in Cabot, and we gladly serve the Little Rock area. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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