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Benefits of Seeing Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Little Rock

When you’re looking for tooth restoration in the Little Rock area, visit our full mouth reconstruction dentist in Cabot. Teeth-in-an-Hour is an innovative concept for creating dental implants. With the old method, several months would be needed to complete the whole process. Today, with Teeth-in-an-Hour, patients can have fully functioning teeth on dental implants with one procedure lasting for just about an hour.

There are several procedures for a full mouth reconstruction, and since each person’s problems are different, you may need to have an examination before our full mouth reconstruction dentist can determine the best treatment for you. A full mouth reconstruction requires a fixed series of procedures to treat fractured or injured teeth, worn-away enamel, and jaw pain because of bite problems.

This remarkable technology was made possible by collaboration between oral surgeons and restorative doctors. This joining of experience and knowledge gives a more precise implant placement, along with increased safety. In addition, all the fabrication of the final prosthesis is done before the surgery. The implant surgery is computer-guided in an arthroscopic fashion that does not require any flap reflection. By avoiding flap reflection, swelling and bruising will be minimized and any discomfort will be reduced.

Once the groundwork is done, the dental implants can be installed in a non-traumatic, one-hour procedure. You may experience:

• No dentures necessary
• Immediate fixed teeth
• Fewer procedures
• No significant swelling or discomfort
• Short healing time

If you have lost teeth because of periodontal disease, a sports injury or an automobile accident, you don’t need to worry anymore. Now, with dental implants with our full mouth restoration dentist in Little Rock, this can be remedied. Implants look and feel like natural teeth and you will be able to eat anything. They also maintain the integrity of the jawbone.

If you have missing teeth or chipped, cracked or damaged teeth that need to be replaced, Teeth-in-an-Hour may be your best option. When you consult with our cosmetic dentist, you will learn more about the new process for implants and how your smile can be restored in a much shorter time than with traditional implant treatments.

Make an appointment at the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS in Cabot to learn more information. Contact us today to schedule an initial dental consultation!

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