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Common Dental Emergencies

Your teeth are exceptionally strong. They are designed to last your entire life. You use your teeth when you eat food, they help you when you talk, and to some degree they provide protection for your mouth. Unfortunately, as strong as your teeth are, there are some limits to what they can endure. Every single day, millions of people around the world experience dental emergencies.

One of the most common forms of dental emergencies includes having a tooth knocked out. In some cases, when you get a tooth knocked out, it’s lost. In other cases, your permanent tooth can be saved, but you need to immediately take certain steps.

Another common dental emergency is a displaced tooth. Your tooth can be knocked out of place as a result of trauma. When this happens, you may experience severe discomfort, and it may be difficult or impossible to bite down. If our skilled cosmetic dentist in Cabot, AR sees the problem right away, he may be able to work with you to get your tooth back into its right position, depending on the situation.

Yet another example of a dental emergency includes breaking or chipping your teeth. If your chipped tooth is not causing you pain, then it’s more than likely not a dental emergency. If you have severe fractures or a severe crack, you want to get professional help right away. If the crack is not treated, it not only can lead to damage, but it can also leave you in agonizing pain.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it’s important that you take a second to look at your tooth and see how severe the injury is. If possible, use clean water to clean out your mouth and clean the damaged area. A cold compress could really help to soothe the area, as well as anti-inflammatory medications. Most importantly, get help from our cosmetic dentist as soon as you possibly can.

Not all dental emergencies involve your teeth. For example, you might cut your mouth, your lips or your tongue. In each instance, you’re going to want to follow the same steps mentioned above for a damaged tooth, especially the step of seeking professional help.

Dental emergencies should not be taken lightly. It is always better to consult with a professional than to self-diagnose and self-treat. If there’s some type of issue in your mouth, whether it’s an emergency or not, you should make an appointment at the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS in Cabot, AR. We happily serve clients in the Little Rock, AR area as well. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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