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Cosmetic Crowns: What Is the Process Like?

Your smile can be worth its weight in gold. A good smile consists of pearly-white teeth that are straight and healthy. Unfortunately, there are many people who could use a cosmetic makeover, especially when it comes to teeth. Cosmetic crowns are some of the most utilized dental treatments in existence, and they’re far more in-depth than standard-dental treatments. Dental crowns will add strength and security while eating, but they’re commonly used for cosmetic purposes. Teeth that have been chipped or damaged may need a crown at some point in time. Teeth that have massive cavities will either need to be extracted or covered with a crown.

There are numerous types of cosmetic crowns to choose from, but our cosmetic dentist in Little Rock will make the final call. So, what exactly is a dental crown? A dental crown is basically a cap that has been cemented onto a tooth. These advanced dental products can deliver a superior smile once fully completed. Crowns can be used to cover discolored teeth, as well as to give teeth better alignment. Gold alloys and base-metal alloys are commonly used for crowns, but this material is used more so for the rear teeth.

When it comes to appearance, the best cosmetic crowns are made from porcelain and ceramic. For a better cosmetic appearance, ceramic crowns are generally used for the front teeth, and they can easily match your teeth’s natural color. Porcelain-infused crowns are great for cosmetics, and they’re stronger than ceramic crowns thanks to their metal structure.

The process of receiving a dental crown isn’t as complex as you may think. The process is rather straightforward. During the shaping process, any decay that’s present will be removed. Fillings will also be removed because the crown will need to be a certain thickness. Some cosmetic crowns will need to have a slightly more tapered shape, which will give it more stability. If a majority of the tooth’s structure is gone, then the dentist will need to build up the tooth’s structure.

After shaping is complete, the dentist will take an impression. This impression will be used to construct the permanent crown. Various tests will help to give the dental professional a much better perception on how to construct the best-fitting crown for your tooth. Eventually, the permanent crown is secured.

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