Cosmetic Crowns

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Do you have severely damaged, cracked, or altogether broken teeth? Dental crowns can give you the straight, radiant smile you’ve always wanted.

Located in Cabot AR, the practice of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS is proud to offer sophisticated dental solutions to patients in the Ward, Beebe, Jacksonville, Sherwood, Vilonia, and Little Rock areas. For more information about our practice or any of the services we offer, contact us today!

Why Cosmetic Crowns?

Cosmetic crowns are an excellent solution for patients interested in restoring damaged or misshapen teeth to a normal shape, size, and color. While porcelain veneers only cover the front of teeth, crowns fit over them completely. This increased alteration is necessary when teeth are several damaged.

What Concerns Can a Cosmetic Crown Correct?

Cosmetic crowns provide patients with many excellent benefits, including:

  • Corrects damaged or broken teeth
  • Hides the results of teeth grinding
  • Provides extra protection for teeth after an extensive filling
  • Prevents the spread of tooth decay
  • Strengthens tooth after root canal surgery

The Dental Crown Procedure

Cosmetic crowns are put on teeth in two stages. During the first stage, Dr. Jirik will prepare your affected tooth for a crown. He’ll do so by first cleaning it and then reshaping it with a small drill. This ensures that the tooth remaining is in a strong, stable condition and will be able to support the crown. During this stage, Dr. Jirik will also take a mold for your tooth to be used in the creation of your crown.

Between stage one and stage two, you will have to go about your daily life with your affected tooth visible. Some patients choose to have temporary dental crowns put on their teeth between these visits, so their reshaped tooth will not be visible.

During stage two, the new crown is fitted on the affected tooth. Before putting on the crown, Dr. Jirik will etch the surface of the affected tooth, making it rougher. This roughness helps the dental cement bond with the crown more securely. Once this is done, Dr. Jirik will place the crown over your tooth, making sure that it is fixed into a proper position.

Cosmetic crowns can be an extremely effective way to repair, restore, and renew your smile. Interested in a cosmetic crown but not certain you’re a candidate for one? Contact the office of Samuel F. Jirik today to schedule your consultation appointment today.

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