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Does Sedation Dentistry Make a Difference?

Sedation dentistry makes a big difference for some adults and children who cannot bear to go to the dentist. They may prefer bad oral health than to sit in a dentist’s chair. Children may be afraid and refuse to sit still. With a wide variety of sedation dentistry options, there is no reason to avoid the treatment you need for good oral health.

The Importance of Good Oral Health

Poor oral health may lead to poor overall health. If your teeth aren’t professionally cleaned at least once a year, you could develop gum disease that has been linked to other serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Gum disease also reduces your body’s ability to control blood sugar.

What Are the Types of Sedation Dentistry? 

At our office in the Little Rock, AR area, one of the most commonly used and most popular is nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. You inhale it through a mask and it reduces your anxiety. It does not put you to sleep and is the only dental sedation technique that allows you to drive home afterward. You will still have a local injection but the discomfort is greatly reduced.

Oral conscious sedation is taken orally. It may be used along with nitrous oxide. It also doesn’t put you to sleep, but you are very relaxed about dental work.

Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered directly into a vein. You will still be awake but it is much deeper sedation and you may not be aware of the procedure. You will need to recover from IV sedation after the work is done before you leave the office of our cosmetic dentist.

Safe for Children

If your child refuses to cooperate at the dentist’s office and is not getting the care his or her teeth need, it can cause problems for their adult teeth. Nitrous oxide is one of the safest methods of sedation dentistry for children. In some cases, oral sedation may be given to children based on their weight and age.

Sedation dentistry is safe for most people. If you are obese or have obstructive sleep apnea we may need to discuss other options.

It is unwise and unhealthy to avoid good dental care. Even if you brush and floss regularly, you cannot remove all the plaque and none of the tartar. These can cause gum disease that will eventually make your teeth fall out and can cause other health complications. To learn more about what we offer in the Little Rock, AR area, get in touch with the team at the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS in Cabot, AR. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our cosmetic dentist!   

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