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Endosteal Implants vs. Subperiosteal Implants: Which Option is Right for Me?

There’s no doubt that you will have to find a replacement for your natural teeth. What remains to be decided is that type of replacement would be best. Even if you are leaning toward the idea of implants, did you know there is more than one kind? Some patients may only have one real choice while others may find that they are candidates for a couple of different types of implants. If you are in the latter category, it pays to compare endosteal implants with subperiosteal implants. Here are some facts to help you get started.

When are Endosteal Implants a Good Idea?

Endosteal implants are among the more common solutions. Essentially, they are posts shaped like screws that fit directly into the jawbone. They roughly occupy the same space that the roots of your natural teeth once occupied.

The process is straightforward. The dental professional drills into the bone and inserts the implant. Once it’s in place, the professional tests the implant to ensure the post is firmly in position. A temporary cap is placed on top. Once the gum heals and the swellings subsides, you’ll return to receive a permanent cap or crown.

In order to receive endosteal implants, you must have excellent bone density. Without it, those implants will shift and you’ll need to have the work done over again.

How About Subperiosteal Implants?

The Subperiosteal approach is sometime known as on the bone implants. That’s because the majority of the post is not inserted into the bone itself, due to weakened bone density.

Instead, the dental professional drills below the gum tissue and inserts a metal frame over the bone. Once the frame is in position, the gum has to heal completely. The dental professional can then install the posts into the frame, which holds them in position with ease. As with endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants involve custom caps or crowns are prepared and can be put in place after the swelling subsides.

Ask our team at the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS any questions that come to mind about endosteal and subperiosteal implants. Consider any recommendation in light of the answers you receive from our cosmetic dentist in the Little Rock area. Contact us today to book a dental appointment in Cabot.

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