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Fix Small Cosmetic Issues with Tooth Recontouring

Your teeth are like a window for your personal health. If you don’t take good care of them, it’s easy for others to see. A lot of people have small tooth imperfections, and they’re easy to see in a mirror. Some people have a tooth that is crooked, and others might have a tooth that is chipped.

If you have any imperfections, you should consider tooth recontouring. Our cosmetic tooth recontouring can fix small issues and give you the beautiful smile that you deserve. Also called tooth reshaping, this procedure consists of removing very small amounts of tooth enamel.

By removing small bits of enamel, our cosmetic dentist is able to change the shape of your teeth, which is a great way to fix minor imperfections. In most cases, this procedure is performed on the teeth that are visible when you’re smiling.

It’s not uncommon for cosmetic tooth recontouring to be combined with bonding, which involves the use of a composite material. The bonding material is used to shape your teeth. Since it’s a special resin and colored like a normal tooth, it can work wonders for your smile.

What is Tooth Recontouring?

This is a common cosmetic procedure and can be used to reshape a tooth. The procedure can be used to change the surface, length and shape of several teeth. Most people don’t realize that shaving off even a few millimeters of material can have a major impact on the overall appearance of a smile.

When combined with bonding, the procedure can have an even stronger effect. If you feel like your teeth have minor imperfections, you could benefit from cosmetic tooth recontouring.

How Does It Work?

The procedure is quite simple, and it involves the use of several dental instruments. Before the procedure begins, there is a good chance that we’ll need to take X-rays. It’s important for our dentist to make sure that your teeth are actually healthy.

During the procedure, Dr. Jirik will use a special sanding unit to correct the imperfections. Depending on your needs, he might also contour the sides of the target teeth. When the sanding process is finished, the target teeth are smoothed and polished.

The Benefits of Tooth Recontouring

If you’re considering this procedure, you should know the benefits. It’s important to realize that tooth reshaping is a very conservative way to correct minor imperfections, so it’s not the best choice for everyone. However, one of the greatest benefits is the lack of discomfort involved. Tooth recontouring also doesn’t require anesthesia and has the potential to improve tooth health.

If you only need minor cosmetic changes made to your teeth, then cosmetic tooth recontouring at the office of Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS could be the perfect treatment option for you. Our office is located in Cabot, AR and we happily serve individuals in the Little Rock, AR and surrounding cities. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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