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Get Faster Results with Computer Guided Implant Placement

Dental implants offer patients the chance to restore lost teeth in the most natural way possible.

Improvements in dental implant technology allow dentists and orthodontists to replace a single tooth or even an entire arch of teeth using minimally invasive surgical techniques.

A breakthrough advance in technology, called computer guided implant placement, has improved the process dramatically, leading to faster and better results.

Computer-Guided Implant Placement

Before performing a computer-guided implant placement procedure, the dentist scans the patient’s jaw and face with an advanced computed tomography (CT) scanner.

The scanner produces a detailed three-dimensional image of the jaw, including the bone, nerves, muscles, and other tissues.

The dentist examines the detailed images and can decide upon the best sites to place the implants. Also, the dentist can also use the images to prepare the permanent prosthesis so that it is ready to place during the procedure.

Faster Results

In traditional implant surgery, the dentist places the implants and then attaches a temporary tooth prosthetic to the implants.

After around six months of healing, the dentist examines the results and prepares the permanent tooth prosthetic.

Therefore, it takes over half a year before the procedure can be completed, during which time the patient has to endure the use of a temporary prosthetic.

The Process and Recovery

The day before the implant procedure, the patient will be scanned with the CT scanner. This is a non-invasive procedure.

The dentist will then go ahead and plan the procedure and prepare the permanent prosthesis.

The implants and permanent prosthesis will be implanted during a minimally invasive procedure.

After the procedure is over, the patient can go home and enjoy the new, permanent teeth.

Most patients can return to work the next day, but they may be asked to eat only soft food for a few days to weeks. There will be some temporary soreness, swelling, and discomfort.

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