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How is an i-CAT In-Office Dental CT Scanner Used in Dentistry?

In a world that is ever-changing, the field of dentistry is evolving as well. That means utilizing the latest in technology to improve the experience for patients. The i-CAT in-office dental CT scanner is one of the latest advances that is being used in dental and orthodontic practices to give providers greater accuracy for treatment.

Gone are the days when X-rays were the only way to allow dentists to get a clear picture of a patient’s teeth. The i-CAT in-office dental CT scanner is a cut above other alternatives used for diagnostic tools.

What is the i-CAT In-Office Dental CT Scanner?

The i-CAT dental CT scanner is a cone beam scanner that creates 3D images. The scan only takes five to nine seconds, meaning less exposure to radiation for patients. It saves dentists time, ensuring that they will not have to take messy molds.

The results are effective, they can be shared in digital form and it is a more comfortable way to evaluate patients to design the most effective treatment plan.

How is the i-CAT In-Office Dental CT Scanner Used?

When you come in for an i-CAT dental CT scan, we will have 3D imagery that is precise and gives our dentist the complete picture that a physical examination alone would not provide.

Our dentist will be able to pinpoint the source of various problems, including TMJ disorders, sleep apnea and impactions.

The results will help us design treatment options for you, whether you need dental implants, the extraction of wisdom teeth or mouth guards to treat a variety of dental conditions.

The main goal in dentistry is to resolve patients’ dental issues with as little inconvenience as possible. The better the diagnosis, the greater the accuracy in treatment.

It’s Time to Ride the Wave of the Future

Serving the Little Rock area, the dental practice of Dr. Samuel F. Jirik in Cabot knows how to change with the times and provide our patients with every possible advantage. We know that our i-CAT in-office dental CT scanner not only benefits our patients, but it also helps us to improve our dentistry practice.

We have greater accuracy, faster results, less radiation exposure and results that can be easily passed on electronically. When we need to design appliances, implants and other custom-made treatment alternatives, our 3D images can be used to fulfill our patients’ needs.

The i-CAT in-office dental CT scanner allows us to see what is going on beneath the surface. When observation is not enough and we need to know what is happening to the underlying structures of our patients’ mouths, the i-CAT dental CT scanner is invaluable.

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