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Is there a link between TMJ and tinnitus?

There are many causes of tinnitus, that ringing or buzzing in the ears that comes and goes. Or, even worse, maybe you have it all the time. If you are looking for help for that annoying sensation, TMJ treatment – including implants that can help to realign teeth properly – might be the answer. 

What causes tinnitus?

For some people with tinnitus, an exact cause is never determined. It may be caused by hearing loss, a chronic health condition, medication, or a head and neck injury. Recent studies have indicated that there is a link between TMJ and tinnitus. 

How can TMJ cause tinnitus?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ for short, although “TMJ” is also used to describe disorders of the jaw) is very complex, and the muscles involved are very powerful. Add to this that the joint is in use all the time, all day, whether it is being used for chewing, yawning, or talking. When the joint becomes damaged or misaligned, it can be very painful, causing headaches, muscle aches, and even problems eating or talking. 

And yes, another problem that can arise from TMJ is tinnitus. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why TMJ can lead to tinnitus in some patients – one theory is that it could be because the muscles used to work the joint are so close to the muscles in the ear. 

How can tinnitus be cured?

The kind of help you get for tinnitus depends on what is causing it – your doctor will want to run tests and give you a thorough exam to find out why you have tinnitus. If you think your tinnitus might be caused by jaw problems, you can ask your dentist about TMJ treatments. These may include braces or Invisalign to move teeth into alignment; crowns or bridges to replace missing teeth and improve your bite; or an appliance that you wear over your teeth to help the muscles in your jaw relax. 

Dr. Samuel Jirik can help you find relief from your TMJ, which may help with your tinnitus. Call the office in Cabot, Arkansas, for an appointment today, at (501) 843-9561!

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