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IV Conscious Sedation for Patient Comfort

IV conscious sedation, or conscious anesthesia, involves giving the patient a combination of medicines during a procedure. The patient will be given an anesthetic to prevent them from feeling discomfort and a sedative to keep them relaxed. The patient will probably remain awake, but they may not be able to speak.

What Does IV Conscious Sedation Involve?

A medical professional will administer the sedation in our office. An intravenous line, or IV, will be attached to the patient, and the drug mixture will be administered through it. The patient will start to feel relaxed and sleepy very quickly.

Our medical professional will monitor the patient during the procedure to ensure the sedation works properly and the patient is okay. If the patient needs extra oxygen, they may receive it through a mask or IV tubes into a vein. The patient may fall asleep, but they will wake up to respond to people.

What is it Like Afterwards?

After the procedure, the patient will feel sleepy. They may not remember much about the procedure afterwards. While they recover, they will be monitored by our medical professionals.

Depending on the type of procedure they underwent, the patient will usually be able to go home an hour or two afterwards. Once home, they should have a hearty meal to restore their energy. They should avoid driving, making major decisions, drinking alcohol or operating machinery for at least 24 hours. In most cases, the patient will be able to resume their normal activities the day after the procedure.

When is IV Conscious Sedation Used?

IV conscious sedation is commonly used in dentistry. Sedation in general is commonly used by dentists, since so many people are weary of going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry or “sleep dentistry” enables patients to relax while having their teeth worked on. It is particularly useful for patients who need a lot of work done, have a low pain threshold, have extremely sensitive teeth and/or have a bad gag reflex.

Dentists do need to undergo special training to be able to administer IV conscious sedation. With that being said, this type of sedation has proven to be extremely safe and reliable. Most adults in good overall health can undergo IV conscious sedation safely.

Learn More About Your Comfort Options

Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS is one of the most well-respected cosmetic dentists in the Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas. During a consultation at his office in Cabot, AR, you can learn about all of your options for sedation dentistry. Don’t let your fear of dental procedures hold you back from achieving your dream smile. IV conscious sedation can help you get there in a comfortable and safe way. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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