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Key Benefits of Dental Bridges

Our teeth are incredibly important. Not only do they help us chew and speak, but they are also the key component to a beautiful smile. If you find yourself missing a tooth or multiple teeth, a dental bridge may be the solution. Dental bridges — an incredibly common form of dental restoration — can be useful in many situations and come with many benefits.

A dental bridge is relatively simple. It is a dental appliance designed to fill in any gaps you have in your teeth. A bridge involves one or more false teeth that are typically held in place by the natural teeth on either side of the gap. There are different methods for attachment, with implant-supported bridges gaining popularity in recent years.

Dental Bridges Make it Easier to Chew

Missing teeth can negatively impact your life in a variety of ways. One of the most immediately obvious ones will happen when you go to eat. The remaining teeth may begin to shift when you chew, causing discomfort. You may even find yourself avoiding favorite foods. A dental bridge helps to restore your ability to chew by filling in the gap.

They Make It Easier to Speak

While it may not happen if you are only missing one tooth, missing multiple teeth may cause a lisp or other speech problem. If you pay attention to your mouth when you speak, you will notice that your tongue hits your teeth in a number of ways to make different sounds. With a dental bridge, your speech will return to normal.

They Give You the Confidence to Smile

Let’s face it, your smile is one of your most distinguishing features, whether you want it to be or not. Many people are reluctant to smile or laugh in social situations due to the embarrassment caused by missing teeth. Dental bridges are typically made to match your natural teeth, allowing you to smile confidently once more.

They Maintain Your Facial Shape

The roots of your teeth are what stimulate your jawbone. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone underneath it begins to deteriorate. The effect is multiplied when you have lost more than one tooth. While a bridge will not help with the jawbone unless it is supported by an implant, it will help to maintain the overall shape of your face. This can further lead to improved confidence and quality of life.

Think a dental bridge might benefit you or a loved one? Visit our cosmetic dentist at the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS in Cabot, AR. We also serve residents in Little Rock, AR. Find out more about dental bridges by contacting us today to schedule your consultation!

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