Diane Watson


 came from a family who had a history of bad teeth. In spite of everything I did to take care of my teeth, about 7 years ago, I ended up with dentures. At that time, I had asked two different dentists about implants and they said I was not a candidate for them. Then last year, my husband had dental implants put in. At that time I mentioned to Dr .Jirik that I was told that I could not have implants. He told me that he had been doing implants for quite some time and there were certain procedures he could do, that in most cases would allow a person to have them. He recommended waiting until mu husband was healed and then he would check me out. Today, I am already half way thru the process. I am no longer having to use adhesives and I no longer have to excuse myself to go to the restroom to remove particles that have gotten under my dentures. Dr. Jirik has given me back a part of my life I thought was gone forever, the ability to enjoy all the foods that I could eat with my natural teeth. In a short time , I will have my permanent teeth .with a smile that will look beautiful. Both Dr. Jirik and his staff take so much pride in what they do, that you know when you walk out of their office that you have got the best!!!!!!!!!!

Danny Watson

EXTEMELY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in my mid 60S and have been frightened of dentists my entire life. I had let my teeth go to the point that they were disgusting. In my mind, I was pretty sure I could not wear regular dentures. So when I heard about dental implants, we set up an appointment, went and talked to Dr.Jirik.. He explained about the all on four procedure. He assured me that he could perform the procedure under sedation and that I wouldn\'t know or feel anything. Today, I have a beautiful smile and have gotten so many compliments. It has changed my life and my wifes as she no longer has to look at ugly gapped teeth. Dr.Jirik and his entire staff are simply the best. Their level of commitment and caring for their for their patients is unbelievable. Dont just take my word, go and talk with them. You wont be sorry

Tracie F.

Wonderful People!

Friendly Environment!! Never long waits. Overall great experience!

Jason W.

Excellent Dentist

Dr. Jirik is an excellent dentist and very professional...and the staff are great. I highly recommend him.

Ann K.


Doctor Jerrick and his team are SIMPLY THE BEST. No need to worry or search any further for all your dental needs.

Greg G.

Very Professional!

I have been dealing with my teeth most of my adult life starting my senior year of high school when someone tripped me in the hallway and busted my top front tooth half off. Later in my life I ended up with full dentures on the top and a bridge on the bottom. I spent 28 years wearing dentures that's when I went to see Dr Jirik. He did X rays of my mouth and that's when I decided to get dental implants.This was on a Thursday and he got me in to do the procedure the following Monday morning .Dr Jirik fixed everything that was needed with very little discomfort and I had nice looking temporary teeth while my implants were being made. I have my implants now for about 6 months and love having teeth now that could not be more perfect. This procedure has given me a reason to smile ! I would recommend Dr Jirik to anyone that has been dealing with any kind of problems with their teeth. He is very professional and has extensive knowledge on how he should treat his patients.

Drew M.

Great experience!

Thank you Dr. Jirik and staff for my beautiful, healthy smile.

Zach L.

He is absolutely the best at what he does

I have had a ton of work done , implants , crowns , you name it and I've had it done. Through all this I have never been in pain at all afterwards . The IV sedation is the absolute best way to have work done , especially when the entire staff envolved in the work is the best of the best. I honestly can't say enough good about the experience that I have had with Dr. Jirik and his team . They truly are professional , and I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs any work to go to Dr. Jirik first. You won't have to come back because it wasn't done right.

Mike P.

Dr. Jirik's staff is the best

Having been born with crooked teeth, a bad overbite and lots of wear and tear over the years, I thought my teeth were a lost cause. That all changed when I met Dr. Jirik. Dr. Jirik performed a full mouth restoration for me correcting my crooked teeth and stabilizing my overbite. Now I can eat all of the food I want with ease and smile with confidence. Dr. Jirik's staff is the best. They made me feel comfortable and were able to address any concerns I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Jirik to all of my friends and family. If you feel that your teeth are a lost cause, then Dr. Jirik is the dentist for you.

Alicia O.

Highly Recommended!

I am a recent patient of Dr.Jiriks, I contacted him after hearing about his work. I had a crown that was placed 15 years ago from another dentist it had been remade and replaced several times and it never seemed to fit, feel or look right. The first time Dr. Jirik seen me he immediately knew what the problem was and removed it and made a new crown for me. I absolutely have no pain and nothing gets caught between my crown and gums and it looks like my natural tooth. I wish i had found him sooner and would recommend anyone needing dental work, START with Dr. Jirik the work is done right this first time, he is the best.

Rich H.

Unbelievable experience and even better results.

I didn\\\'t realize how uncomfortable my smile was to me. I would always hide my teeth whenever I smile because I was embarrassed by what people would think of my smile. Thanks to Dr. Jirik and his staff my life has changed. I feel more confident than ever and get so many compliments with my new smile!

Heather W.

Make your smile beautiful again!

Dr. Jirik and his staff are absolutely the best! After several years of visiting Dr. Jirik for cleanings, crowns, implants and root canals, I chose to have a smile restoration. IV Sedation is offered for those who suffer from dental anxiety, in which made my dental process so easy and comfortable. Dr. Jirik is very professional, is a perfectionist, and most of all your friend throughout your visits. He will go above and beyond to make your smile beautiful again while keeping you comfortable. I will always trust him with all my dental needs.

Connie M.

I am recommending Dr. Jirik and his staff to anyone!

I have been using the same dentist for 30+ years. I have recently changed to Dr. Jirik and I have been blown away by him and his wonderful staff. I have never been as at ease with a dentist. Which is saying A LOT, I have to have nitrous to have my teeth cleaned! I still have to have the nitrous but I can actually relax thru a procedure. His staff is top notch. I have never seen so much cleaning going on....they clean it like it was going to be used on them next! Those ladies are very sweet and comforting. I am recommending Dr. Jirik and his staff to anyone! You will be impressed!

Dr. Jirik and his team have always strived to give patients a great experience.

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