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See Your Results Before Treatment with Smile Imaging Software

Most people do not necessarily look forward to visiting the dentist. Visiting the dentist is one of those things that you do because you know you need to in order to maintain the health and appearance of your smile. One of the reasons why people feel apprehensive about going to the dentist is because they do not thoroughly understand the treatments they are receiving and because they have some doubts about the end result that they will see after their treatment.

This is especially the case when talking about treatment procedures that will take many months or years to finish. For this reason, they may be reluctant to get the treatment. Or when the treatment is completed, they may be disappointed because the end results are not what they had envisioned in their mind.

Thanks to modern technology, dental patients can now see a preview of how their teeth will look once the dental treatments have been completed. This is thanks to digital smile imaging software. Digital smile imaging software allows a patient to get a glimpse of the final outcome of their treatment. Seeing the end result is often enough to encourage a patient to stick with their dental treatment because they realize that at the end they are going to have a beautiful, healthy, attractive smile.

Digital smile imaging software allows our cosmetic dentist to take high resolution pictures of the patient’s teeth. The images are then transferred to the computer, and the software allows the dentist to outline the treatment plan, showing the patient step-by-step how their teeth will look through the treatment process. What’s nice about digital imaging is that you do not see a picture of what your teeth might look like on someone else’s face. What you see is a picture of your own mouth and your own teeth. You clearly see how you are going to look once the treatment is over.

One of the benefits of digital smile imaging software is that it allows the patient to work with our dental team to make sure that the end outcome is really what the patient wants. If there are certain things that the patient wants the dentist to tweak, this can be explained. The end result is that the dentist is able to treat the patients with greater precision.

Regardless of if you are getting crowns, dental implants or some other cosmetic dental procedure, accuracy and precision are important. Digital imagery allows you to customize your treatment to produce the end results that you want.

Having a beautiful smile in our society is a must. We live in a world that is obsessed with appearance. Digital smile imaging software allows you to guarantee that once you finish your dental procedure, you will walk away with a smile that you will be proud to show off to the world. During an appointment at the office of Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS in Cabot, AR, our dental team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our smile imaging software. We happily serve the Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your dental appointment.

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