Take Care of Your Teeth When You Are Pregnant

pregnant woman in blue flannel shirt brushing her teeth and looking in the mirrorIf you are pregnant, you no doubt have a lot on your mind, and you are no doubt spending a lot of time taking care of yourself (as well you should be!). You might think that your dental health can wait since you have so much else going on, but in fact your dental health is more important now than ever. Read on for some common dental problems that occur during pregnancy! 

Pregnancy gingivitis

Your body is going through a lot of changes right now. Hormonal changes can affect not just your overall health but your oral health as well. You may be at increased risk for something called “pregnancy gingivitis,” which includes tooth decay, tender gums, and possibly even gum disease. 

Pregnancy tumors

Having a “pregnancy tumor” sounds pretty scary, but the name is worse than the condition. Pregnancy tumors aren’t cancerous – they are simply a swelling of the gums between the teeth. This commonly occurs during the second trimester, and it is caused by too much plaque build-up. 

Morning sickness and tooth decay

Morning sickness is not only difficult to deal with as you try to eat healthy and go about your day, but it can affect your teeth, too. The stomach acid from constant morning sickness can damage your teeth and contribute to their decay. 

Keeping your mouth healthy throughout pregnancy

The best thing you can do for your oral and overall health when you are pregnant is to visit your dentist regularly. He or she may recommend that you come in more often if there are signs of pregnancy tumors or gingivitis. 

It is important that you tell your dentist you are pregnant as soon as you sit down in the chair. Dental x-rays, anesthetics, and medications your dentist may prescribe are generally safe for pregnant women, but it is still important to let him or her know your latest health updates! 

With all that you have going on right now, you might think that your visit to the dentist is the one thing you can skip. However, good oral health is important to your health and well-being overall. Call the Cabot, Arkansas office of Dr. Samuel Jirik at (501) 843-9561 to make an appointment today!

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