Our facility allows us to offer state of the art technology that insures our patient’s comfort and safety during treatment. Among the services we offer are:

dental ct scanner 188x300
I-CAT In-Office Dental
CT Scanner

I-CAT In-Office Dental CT Scanner

I-CAT In-Office Dental CT Scanner provides the most accurate and immediate three-dimensional digital imaging, producing the most complete anatomical information on a patient’s mouth, face and jaw. The i-Cat leads to the most accurate treatment planning and predictable outcomes for implant dental procedures. The new Computer-Guided Implant Placement procedure can be completed entirely in our office with the i-Cat, providing a solution with only one surgery, in one hour by Dr. Jirik alone.

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is an instant image used to examine teeth for cavities and decay. It is programmed to give the highest level of accuracy and reduces your radiation exposure by ninety percent as compared to traditional film based X-rays.

Diode Laser

Diode Laser allows Dr. Jirik to make any cosmetic procedure easy and effortless. Diode lasers change the shape of teeth by modifying the gum line. Through this procedure smaller teeth can appear larger making teeth look proportional to other teeth. This technique sets the stage for a sculpted and natural smile.

Panoramic Film

Panoramic film technology is a diagnostic image that shows the jaws, sinuses and teeth. It is used for comprehensive diagnosis of the entire mouth.

Generator Back Up

Generator back up allows completion of any and all procedures for the entire clinic. Our 60 Kilowatt Onan hospital grade generator allows our clinic to maintain full power should there be a power failure.

Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort is important. All our treatment rooms are equipped with computers that allow television viewing as well as stereo headphones for music. Our Koi pond and waterfalls provide patients with a relaxing atmosphere to ease tension, apprehension and make appointments a positive experience.

IV Conscious Sedation

IV Conscious Sedation is utilized for patients that experience significant anxiety during dental visits or for difficult and lengthy procedures. Medications specific for the patient’s needs are used to relax the patient throughout the entire procedure. Conscious Sedation has a very safe track record and is also a great option for patients who wish to complete a number of procedures in one visit. Patients undergoing conscious sedation must follow strict preoperative and postoperative instructions and must be escorted by a responsible adult.

Patient Safety Monitoring

Patient Safety Monitoring is imperative during sedation or treatment of medically compromised patients. We provide constant analysis and monitoring of heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and blood oxygen concentration. Our staff is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified. In the event of a medical complication or emergency we are able to determine the problem and act promptly. To treat medical emergencies we maintain a crash cart with emergency medications, supplies and an AED (Automated External Difibulator ). We have the ability to maintain oxygenation and to cardioconvert a compromised patient.

Digital Smile Imaging Software

Digital Smile Imaging Software is a noninvasive technique utilized to allow patients to view the possibilities and esthetics of smile makeovers. This allows the patient to make decisions on the outcome prior to treatment.

Growth Factor Preparations or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Growth Factor Preparations or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) derived from the patient’s own blood can be drawn and prepared in office. PRP has significantly decreased healing time and increased the success rates of both bone and soft tissue grafting procedures.

Closed System Water Supply

Closed System Water Supply provides each operatory with a clean distilled water supply providing patients with the optimum in aseptic procedures.

Sterilization Center

Sterilization Center is the center piece of our clinical wing. This state of the art facility allows for effective sterilization and storage of all instruments and hand pieces. The center is open at all times for patient inspection. We are committed to your safety.

Full Arch Dental Implants

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