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Computer Guided Implant Placement (CGIP)

For over two decades our patients have enjoyed the good life with dental implants. Dental implants have become the gold standard for patients seeking the best replacement for one missing tooth or all their teeth.

Now there are no excuses to avoid dental implant treatment. If you’ve been concerned about incisions, sutures, pain, discomfort, extended recovery times, or disruption of your schedule, then worry no more. Gone is the old way, now there is computer guided implant placement also known as CGIP. This is a powerful new technique utilizing a CT scan of the patient and innovative computer programs. CGIP allows Dr. Jirik to do virtual surgical planning and reconstruction of your teeth prior to surgery. Dr. Jirik can remotely place the dental implants and dental restorations utilizing computer generated surgical guides. The advantage to you is a very short, accurate, safe and minimally invasive surgery with reduced recovery time and fewer complications.

Eric Maumelle actual patient

Dr. Jirik has placed and restored more than 5000 implants since 1989 for hundreds of patients. CGIP is the most impressive technological breakthrough we have witnessed in the field. CGIP is not a cheaper or compromised alternative to conventional implant placement and restoration. However, CGIP eliminates a procedure that used to take three months to one year with multiple surgeries. Now there is one short surgery. Discomfort and swelling is a thing of the past. The patient can enjoy the immediate use of the dental implants and return to work and a normal routine shortly after treatment. Our clinic can provide most patients a solution with only one surgery, in one hour by Dr. Jirik alone.

The response to this new technique has been overwhelming. In 2000, we installed a dental CT scanner in our office, making us the first dental office in Arkansas to install this equipment. Having a dental CT scanner on-site allows our patients the convenience of immediate accurate treatment planning during the initial consultation. Diagnostic treatment scans are done in the office and treatment is started without delay. The majority of dental work is now done in advance of the surgery by computer and in our dental lab. The advantages for the implant patient cannot be measured in comfort, safety, convenience and dollars. They are priceless.

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