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Top Dentists in Cabot

All Cabot residents should have healthy, beautiful smiles that they can feel proud to show off. Unfortunately, a lot of people are in the habit of letting minor, dental issues spiral out of control. Whether you have chipped, discolored, or fractured teeth, there are plenty of options in treatment that the top, local dentists can provide.

Dental Implants For Replacing Lost Or Badly Damaged Teeth

Noticeable tooth loss can impact your appearance, your marketability, and your self-esteem. The good news is that once natural tooth structures have been lost, dental implants and dental bridges can be used to complete your smile. With dental implants, titanium posts are installed directly into the jawbone to support artificial teeth that will blend seamlessly and inconspicuously into the smile.

Implant Dentistry For Those In Need Of Dentures

Dental implants aren’t just for those with just one or two missing teeth. Cabot dentists also offer an innovative treatment known as all-on-four implants. With these procedures, both upper and lower dentures can be permanently affixed in the mouth via titanium posts. This eliminates the need to deal with messy and often unreliable denture glues.

Treatments For Restoring The Health Of The Gums

One of the most common causes of tooth loss is advanced periodontal disease. If you suffer from gingivitis, sore, inflamed, or bleeding gums, root scaling, and planing procedures can help improve the health of your soft tissues. People who suffer from receding gums, exposed dentin, and extreme tooth sensitivity can also rely on treatments such as the surgical pinhole technique which dentists can quickly restore receding gums back to their former, natural positions.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Treatments

Cabot dentists can also provide advanced, tooth whitening treatments for eliminating wine, coffee, and tobacco stains, as well as many other forms of tooth discoloration. These procedures are significantly safer and more effective than many of the store-bought whitening treatments that consumers can use on their own.

Regain Your Marketability And Confidence

Working with the top Cabot dentists is a great way to regain your marketability and confidence after tooth loss. Given that people are becoming increasingly appearance-conscious, proactively working to protect and enhance your smile is important. With the right restorative and preventative treatments, you can feel good about yourself, and can make the best possible impressions in both the social and the professional arenas.

Contact us today at Samuel F. Jirik, DDS and schedule your consultation. Our office is located in Cabot, AR. We are committed to helping you discover a smile you love!

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