What are all-on-four dental implants?

Happy young man looking at camera and smiling. If you are missing teeth, you have a few options. A very popular solution is all-on-four dental implants – read on for some more information on what exactly they are and why they might be right for you!

The benefits of all-on-four implants

Dental implants are often used to replace lost teeth. With a dental implant, a small, titanium post is inserted into the jaw bone, and after the bone and the post merge, a new tooth is attached to the top of the post. Dental implants are great to replace one tooth; all-on-four implants use the same type of procedure to replace multiple teeth at one time – as the name implies, for all-on-four implants, four dental posts are required for each row of teeth.

Your dentist will start by removing any damaged teeth and cleaning up any gum tissue that may show signs of disease, and then the best locations for your implants will be plotted using a computer simulation. When it is time to place your implants, IV anesthesia can be used. A hole will be drilled into your jawbone to place the titanium posts, then an abutment is placed on top of the post, and finally a temporary set of teeth are placed on top of that. Your posts will need about 3 months to integrate with your bone, and then your permanent teeth can be placed.

These implants will most likely last your lifetime. Once the process is complete, they will look and feel just like natural teeth, and all that is necessary to take care of them is your regular oral health care routine. There may be some swelling and you may be sore, but over-the-counter pain medication can help. The greatest benefit of all-on-four implants over individual dental implants, though, is that it is an effective and efficient way to replace a lot of teeth at once – much better than placing one dental implant at a time.

Dr. Samuel Jirik has the specialized training and experience needed for all-on-four dental implants. If you are missing a few teeth, call the Cabot, Arkansas, office for a consultation to see if all-on-four dental implants might be right for you. Call (501) 843-9561 today!

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