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What are Cosmetic Dental Implants?

Do you need cosmetic dental implants? The answer may be yes, especially if you have missing teeth due to decay, damage, or an injury. Implants are the best solution to have something look natural that isn’t your teeth and that fits in your mouth with your natural bone structure. You can replace one tooth at a time or several teeth in a row.

Cosmetic dental implants consist of metal posts which are surgically placed into the jawbone right beneath your gums. When the implants are placed into your jawbone, substituting for a tooth root, then your dentists will mount your replacement teeth right on top of the posts.

There are many benefits to implants in addition to allowing you to laugh wide, eat, and smile with teeth that look very natural. They never develop cavities, even if particles of food disappear within them. When this happens, you simply go to your dental implant dentist to have them cleaned just like they were real. Implants are great for your surrounding teeth and gums and they keep nearby teeth from shifting or moving around. When you read that the cosmetic dental implants go into your jawbone, it is a safe procedure and they actually keep your natural bone healthy and growing.

If you are missing teeth, did you know that it changes your facial structure? This information points to how important a full set of teeth really are. Just one tooth can move and cause your other existing teeth to change their form and so and so on, causing your jaws to change and develop a sunken shape. With cosmetic dental implants, your natural face, its shape, and your smile keep the fullness of your appearance. One other benefit of cosmetic dental implants is that they are a permanent solution to missing teeth. You don’t have to remove them to sleep and clean. You can express facial expressions of all types without worrying about your implants slipping around or falling out. Yes, you can actually floss and brush your implants.

To learn more about if cosmetic dental implants are right for you, contact us today at the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS. Our team in Cabot, Arkansas, proudly serves the Little Rock area, and we are here to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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