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What are Dental Implants?

Whenever teeth are lost or pulled, finding suitable replacements is essential for preserving the integrity of the smile. While consumers can opt for conventional dental bridges and dentures, dental implants provide the best foundation for tooth replacement. These are titanium frames or posts that can be installed in or on the jawbone. Once dental implants are in place, they’ll gradually fuse to the jawbone, thereby creating a sturdy and enduring structure.

Prevent Further Deterioration of the Jawbone

After tooth loss occurs, many people experience a rapid deterioration of the jawbone. This is especially true when tooth loss is widespread. All-on-Four dentures are dentures that are supported by four, carefully positioned implants. These appliances never need to be taken out of the mouth, and they can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth. Not only is this infinitely more convenient than conventional dentures which must be affixed with denture pads, pastes or glues, but it also preserves the integrity of the bone structure. As the jawbone fuses to the titanium posts, the body begins to treat these much like natural tooth roots. This preserves the delivery of nutrients and other forms of essential support for keeping the jawbone strong and healthy.

Keep the Teeth Permanently Affixed in the Mouth

Dental implants are arguably the best treatment option for keeping the teeth permanently affixed in the mouth. One of the greatest concerns with tooth loss is the increased wear and tear that the remaining, natural teeth are subjected to. While dental bridges are also popular, these appliances must be attached to the two teeth that abut the missing tooth. This creates additional stress and does not allow for balanced bite forces. With implants, however, each tooth structure is only tasked with doing the job that it was meant to do. This limits the likelihood of chips, cracks, stress fractures and other evidence of excessive wear. Moreover, both dentures and dental bridges that are affixed to dental implants can remain stable and secure indefinitely. These won’t slip, fall out or shift during chewing or talking. As such, they allow for higher levels of both comfort and convenience.

Different Options in Dental Implants

There are currently two types of dental implants that have been deemed safe by the American Dental Association. These include endosseous and subperiosteal implants. Make an appointment with our cosmetic dentist Samuel F. Jirik, DDS to learn more about how these implants can benefit you.

The office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS is located in Cabot, AR and also serves men and women in the Little Rock, AR areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for dental implants!

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