What is an overbite?

You might not even realize you have an overbite or an underbite until your dentist points it out to you. However, if your bottom and top teeth don’t align as they should, it can result in a variety of problems and a lot of pain. Luckily, if something isn’t right with your bite, your dentist can help!

What does it mean to have an overbite or an underbite?

Having a minor overbite – when your top teeth extend over your lower teeth – is actually very common. An underbite is when your lower teeth extend out beyond your upper teeth. A third type of misalignment is a crossbite, which is similar to an underbite. Normally, your upper teeth sit on the outside of your bottom teeth when your mouth is closed. If you have a crossbite, some of your bottom teeth may fit in front of your top teeth.

A misaligned bite can make it difficult for you to chew properly, and it can lead to tooth problems such as cavities and decay, because it can be hard to clean teeth. It can even cause problems sleeping and breathing, jaw and neck muscle pain, headaches, and earaches. Correcting a severely misaligned bite can also mean dramatic changes to the structure and shape of the face.

What are the treatments for a misaligned bite?

Your dentist will be able to evaluate your bite and give you recommendations as to correcting it. Traditional braces, Invisalign, or arch orthodontics, which expand the jaws and create more room so that teeth align properly, may be suggested. Dental implants may also be a good option. Dental implants replace lost teeth. Missing teeth can mean all kind of problems, including difficulty chewing, shrinking jaw bone, and extra stress on your other teeth when you chew. Another problem is that a missing tooth shifts the other teeth out of position and causes misalignment.

You may not realize your bottom and top teeth are misaligned, but if you are having headaches and jaw pain, misaligned teeth may be the reason! Make an appointment today with Dr. Samuel Jirik’s office in Cabot, Arkansas. Call (501) 843-9561 today!

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