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What is Computer-Guided Implant Placement (All On Four)?

An All on Four™ procedure is a method used to replace an entire arch of teeth. It is sometimes referred to as a permanent denture. The dentistry professional places four or more implants into the jaw. In traditional implant procedures, a professional basically guessed as to the best placement of each implant. However, today with computer-guided implant placement, optimal placement can be reliably achieved each and every time.

Traditional implant placement

A traditional All on Four™ implant procedure may require some time to complete. The dentistry professional examines the patient’s mouth and decides upon a plan for implant placement.

Computer-guided implant placement

Some time before a computer-guided implant procedure, the patient may undergo a computed tomography imaging procedure. Using sophisticated imaging techniques and software, a detailed three-dimensional image of the structure of the tissues of the mouth may be generated. The image could display the nerves, bones, muscles, and connective tissue in detail. The optimal placement of the implants is then planned. Your teeth will be customized to complement your facial profile.

On the scheduled day, the patient will be sedated, and the implant procedure will begin. On the next visit, the dentist will implant the sturdier, permanent teeth. Because the implants have been placed optimally, there should be no shifting during healing. The patient gets a complete new set of cosmetically pleasing, highly functional teeth in one day. You will be able to eat, speak, and show off a beautiful smile.


The time it will take for patients to return to work may vary. The gums may be sore for a few weeks after the procedure. Initially, a liquid diet may be recommended to the patient before transitioning to a soft diet. As healing proceeds, the patient can gradually shift to a more normal diet.

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You don’t have to be displeased or insecure about your smile any longer. If you need to have teeth replaced, or have your current dentures secured, All on Four™ may be a suitable procedure for you. Contact the office of Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS today to schedule your consultation and learn more about this advanced procedure.

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