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What Makes Dental Implants so Effective?

Losing a tooth can affect your self-confidence in a significant way. It can prevent you from smiling publicly, which can hurt your social life. Fortunately, you should not do that when there are solutions to that problem. You can replace your teeth with functional ones that do all the work of the previous tooth; i.e., dental implants.

Dental implants from our cosmetic dentist can help you chew again without trouble. They can also allow you to smile without fear of anything. They fit naturally into your jaw giving you a comfortable feel. How do they do that?

They Mimic Your Natural Teeth

Unlike other options that only fix the upper part of the tooth, dental implants are beautiful teeth that do the work of natural teeth effectively. First, they have a titanium root, which is more of a chisel-shaped screw. Its job is to replace the root canal that the lost tooth left.

Secondly, they have a crown that fits snugly on top of the screw. The dentist customizes the crown for you. The dentist will consider color, shape, size, and feel of the tooth before making a crown so that the new one matches the rest of the teeth. The crown and the screw form a complete tooth that can last for a very long time.

They Help Retain the Essential Bone Tissue

Once you remove a tooth, the bone tissue starts to shrink. A retreating jawbone can lose its height once the tooth is removed. By adding a dental implant, you will give the jawbone some work to do. It will grow around the biocompatible titanium holding it firmly the way it held the roots of your previous tooth.

It Keeps Your Jaw Intact after Tooth Loss

Dental implants replace the lost tooth without leaving room for jaw deterioration. The overall appearance after the procedure is perfect. You don’t have to chew again using one side of the jaw. All teeth in your mouth will retain their natural functions.

Have you ever noticed that some teeth in your mouth feel sharper than others do? That is because we use teeth differently when we are eating. In case you have a problematic tooth on one side, you are likely to change your chewing habits. Such a move will cause some of your teeth to wear out faster than others will. A properly fit dental implant can solve this problem because it will give you confidence that you can use any tooth in your mouth.

To get perfect smiling and chewing teeth, visit the office of Samuel F. Jirik, DDS in Cabot for professional dental implants. We also serve residents in Little Rock. We will give you the dental implants that boost your confidence and overall health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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