What You Need to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

woman with stick of green organic celery and fresh homemade celery juice. For most people, their wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 17 and 25 – and very rarely, they can come in even later than that. Some people have wisdom teeth that come in and don’t cause any problems at all, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. Read on for some more information about your wisdom teeth and what happens if you need to have a tooth removed.

Can I keep my wisdom teeth?

There are some people who are lucky enough to have wisdom teeth that grow in exactly as they should, where they should. For the majority, though, wisdom teeth can cause problems. Because they are the last to come in, the mouth is already pretty full of teeth, and there is very little room for more. They may grow in at an angle, and so they can push against the other teeth and cause problems when it comes to keeping your teeth clean, problems with your bite, and, eventually, problems with your jaw. Your wisdom teeth may not cause problems right away, but your dentist can tell if they will cause problems in the future. In that case, your dentist will tell you it is time to have them removed.

What happens during wisdom teeth surgery?

Your dentist or oral surgeon will use sedation so that you won’t feel a thing. If part of the tooth is still beneath the gums, he or she will make a small incision so that it can be removed. In some cases, the tooth may have to be cut into smaller pieces so that it can be removed.

After the teeth are taken out, self-dissolving stitches may be used to close up the wound, which will dissolve on their own within about 10 days. Your dentist may give you antibiotics, and for the first couple of days after the procedure you’ll want to avoid hot liquids, alcohol, smoking, and strenuous exercise.

If you are having problems and pain with your teeth but you’re not sure why, see your dentist right away! Contact the office of Dr. Samuel Jirik in Cabot, Arkansas, for an appointment. Call (501) 843-9561 today!

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