When Bone Grafting May Be Needed for Your Dental Work

Bone GraftingBone grafting is a procedure that involves transplanting bone into your jaw to repair or replace damaged areas. This procedure is often performed by dentists in preparation of a tooth implant. Knowing when you need this procedure done and what is involved is essential.

When Is Bone Grafting Needed?

Whether you lost a tooth due to injury or decay or have advanced gum disease, there is a chance that you may experience shrinking in your jaw bone or changes in its structure. Studies show that you can lose a significant amount of your jawbone’s density within the first year after losing a tooth, which can make it difficult to have a new tooth set in place.

Should you decide to have a dental implant placed in your mouth, bone grafting may be needed to restore the structure. A bone graft can create a stronger base for the new tooth, ensuring its successful placement.

Types of Bone Grafts Used

There are several options available for bone grafting. These include:

  • Allograft: This procedure involves the use of bone tissue that comes from another person.
  • Autograft: This type of bone graft involves the use of a sample of your own bone tissue to increase the chances of having the bones fuse successfully. In most cases, the tissue is removed from the hip.
  • Bone Marrow Aspirate: This procedure involves removing bone marrow from the hip and having it either inserted alone or mixed with other bone grafts. This bone graft contains stem and progenitor cells to help heal the bone together.
  • Synthetic Bone Graft: This type of bone graft involves the use of artificial materials that are produced from various porous substances.

Your doctor will be able to discuss each type of bone graft with you to determine which one will work best based on your specific circumstances.

See if Bone Grafting in Cabot, AR, Is Right for You

If you are interested in getting a dental implant to replace a lost tooth and want to determine if you will need bone grafting, contact Dr. Samuel F. Jirik, DDS, to schedule an appointment.

Our team at Implant Cosmetic & General Dentistry can help you determine which type of bone graft will work best for your specific needs. Contact our Cabot, AR office today by calling (501) 843-9561 to get started.

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